The Kitchen Gardener Resurgence


I found an excellent discussion going on at Garden Rant about Kitchen Gardening and it got me to thinking.  What a perfect time it is for the resurgence of vegetable gardening. With the economy in a slump and finances constrained, why not grow food right in your own backyard, instead of paying for it? For that matter, why not grow it on your patio, rooftop, side of the house, apartment window, whereever you have a pot or a patch of soil?  Will we soon become our grandmothers? Storing food? Read about the resurgence in root cellars in the New York Times. All across the nation, getting back to basics is taking root.

Will HGTV finally put the G back in their programming? Will a 24/7 Garden Channel emerge as the magnet for advertisers? Are you sick of watching the endless “FLIP your House”, “Stage your House”, and “How much is my House worth?” programs? HELP! Martha Stewart are you listening? It is time for a resurgence in kitchen gardening! I know, because I find myself watching “GardenGirl TV” videos. I love them. Here’s a sample:

So how much of your garden is dedicated to growing food and herbs? In the age of front lawns neatly manicured with ornamental shrubs, did you ever consider Gardening on Purpose? It’s good for your budget, your health, the planet and theraputic. This all ties into another topic I wanted to talk about this week. I’ll save that for the next post.

3 thoughts on “The Kitchen Gardener Resurgence

  1. We have a lot of shade here which makes veggie gardening a challenge. I moved here 5 years ago into my new husband’s house, and haven’t had a veggie garden yet. But I’ve sweet-talked a small section of side yard out of my lawn-loving husband and have been preparing a small raised bed for veggie gardening starting next spring. I’m beyond excited to have a veggie garden again. Except the last 5 years, I’ve always had one, including growing up as a kid helping my parents with our huge vegetable garden.

  2. When our nation faces a recession, it becomes receptive to the notion of gardening for both economic benefit and pleasure.  Imagine new vegetable gardens across the countrysides, in the suburbs and patched throughout the cities.  As we face food price hikes—despite relief in gas prices—and cancel big-ticket purchases and investments, we turn to our gardens for comfort and sustenance. 
    Garden Food for thought  

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