Vegetable Gardener Website by Fine Gardening Magazine

OMG! Just heard about the website from the Fine Gardening Magazine publishers. It is Vegetable Gardener ( I can’t wait to start exploring the site. On the home page today is “My Garden” by Patti Moreno, contributor. I really like to how the site is designed. Tabs for GROW IT, COOK IT and WATCH IT, as well as use it, build it, live it, green it and show it.

One of the things that got us involved at Olive Barn with Patti Moreno of Garden Girl TV was her videos. I love them. In fact her website goes a long way to satisfying my desire for “real gardening” shows, not the Landscaper wannabes on HGTV. How many shows can you watch about landscaping your house? What about growing some food, urban gardens and yes, gardening with a purpose?

The Kitchen Garden Resurgence is definitely here to stay… and right on time. Just as many of us are cutting back on expenses, looking for ways to save, here comes a novel idea; instead of watering lawns, start watering your vegetable garden.


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